A Few Changes

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

The site has been reorganized a bit to make things easier to find. Please find all general theatre announcements in "Theatre News" and all notes about the current production (now Bye Bye Birdie) in the "Theatre Forum". All events are also noted on the "Calendar" page. Click on whichever item you want to see and read the notes for the day.

Because of the changes, if you want to receive notifications about the current production, then you will need to "follow" that forum again by navigating to the Theatre Forum page and clicking on the three dots in the Bye Bye Birdie box and selecting "follow". The title of this production will change to whatever is current as we move through the year, and this is where you will "follow" or "unfollow" it if you want notifications about it. Once you "follow" you will not have to "unfollow" again unless you want to stop those notifications. This will be your preference depending on your involvement in the current show.

To receive notifications about general theatre information be sure to "Subscribe to the Blog" in your account settings. Also here you can set your preferences for notifications.

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