Backstage Lost and Found & Goodwill

Many moms were on hand today either helping sew costumes or cleaning-up backstage. Those of us with clean-up duties spent 5.5 hours getting the backstage and storage areas cleaned-up. A lot of what we found has ended up on a significant portion of the backstage dressing table - a whole corner devoted to Lost & Found. Please, please ask your child to claim their lost goods or please come by after Words & Music to see if any of the items belong to your family. On Monday, February 3, what remains will be donated to Goodwill. We have to keep backstage clean as we prepare for the spring play or musical. Please help us. There are hoodies, t-shirts, water bottles galore; lunchboxes, socks, shoes and much more. Come and claim it BEFORE February 3. Pictures are below. Thank you for your help!

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