Big Band Dance Performers

2nd Period Dance PE: will be rehearsing in the dance room with me and then we will head to the old gym to rehearse it one last time with the band.

*Please remember to bring you black pants, black shoes (preferably jazz shoes) and white shirts - boys white button up or white collared shirts!

3rd Period: I will be in the old gym to rehearse Cotton Club Stomp at the end of third period. Some teachers may be kind enough to let you leave class early to practice with the band. Do not worry if you can't make it we will rehearse at 5pm in the old gym before the show starts.

*Please remember to bring your black shirts black pants and black shoes. Boys same for you except you will wear white button up shirts.

If you do not have rehearsal with Mr Franz in the PAC you can get ready for the show and practice on your dance numbers with me. I am hoping to get the cafeteria as our warm up and practice space. See you all tomorrow!!!

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