Booster Meeting Minutes Jan 20

(Thanks to Dr Naomi for taking minutes!)

1. Nine Recap: Mr F really proud and pleased about performance level.

Ticket sales and earnings were down. Discussed possible reasons . Did adult content keep some families away?

Help needed: removing wallpaper, painting, costumes

2. Chapman Shakespeare Festival coming 2/20-2/23 2020. ( in Chapman University, So Cal)

15 students are going: They will perform Scenes and two monologues

Parent Chaperones and volunteers will be needed . Leave early on the 20th and drive straight through to Santa Ana, Orange County

3. Words and Music Coming Soon: January 30, 31, Feb 1. Volunteers will be needed for concessions? Volunteer sign up sent out for tech meals already. (link to come):

Tickets now on sale on Brown Paper Tickets:

4.Midsummer Nights Dream: rehearsals going well. This will be performed at Words and Music on Jan 31, Feb 1 and 2.

5. Theatre Studio night 3 , 2/28/20

6. MSA Soiree 3/6/20

7. MSA showcase 3/28/20 ( rehearsal 3/27/20) Back at JCC this year

8. Next Town hall with Ms Cortez, 3/31/20

9. Mandatory meeting 5/20/20

10. January Auditions for incoming students: Done! Thanks for the support from Parent Volunteers. Numbers were considerably down this year of applicants to our program, but there is talent in the ones coming/chosen per Mr F.

11. Spring Play plans: Still deciding what the play will be. Trying different things presently . evaluating 2 musicals and 6 dramas. Opens 4/17/2020

12. Need Costume help!! Seamstresses!! Ask Friends and Family too!

ALSO Need Help Painting/Removing Wallpaper from set of NINE

13. Lenea HIgh School Theatre Festival Planning Feb 7-9 2020

Held at Harris Center for the Arts at Folsom Lake College, 10 College Parkway, Folsom CA 95630


Midsummer One Act

Duo Scenes: Tess Boyd and Sofia Storey, Zaid Dawsari and LInk Henderson

Monologues: Grace Steckler, Sabine Orthwein, Holly Hogan, plus one more

Musical Theatre: Lily Bogas, Morgan Hunt, Lily Alva, Standby: Kasi Hernandez

The following Drivers are Confirmed: number of students can take in car - Since we have more than enough drivers we can reduce the number of passengers in each car for comfort.

All drivers have confirmed they have done their fingerprinting and are eligible to Chaperone!

Chaperone Rooming List:

Mike Krieger/Margaret LaChica

Tara Barth

Donna Greber

Jamil Dawsari

Jamie Newbold

Jen Storey/Laurie Gibbs

Kathy Edwards

Amy Hogan

Dave Winnett/Laura Winnett

Kate Boyd

Sherri Welch

Keri Fennell

Amy Hogan

Lisa Sutton

Annika Speckhart

The Festival is at Folsom Lake College

The Hotel is the Holiday Inn Express in El Dorado Hills

There are 12 Student rooms (double doubles) . The parent room blocks are full at this point, so if you need a room just call the hotel. Mr F keeping the hotel list

Student Room and Board costs TBD, payable to MSA Foundation

FYI, last year was $191 per student

Mr Franz will decide which students are assigned to each car/chaperone, and which students are rooming together. Chaperones will be responsible for those students for all 3 days.

Chaperones will receive a schedule soon for logistics and times for everything.

Chaperones should set up two group texts: one with all students in your car, and join one with all parent drivers and chaperones.

Students are not permitted to leave the festival without their chaperone.

Chaperones will hold money for the students meals and disburse prior to each meal - $15 for lunch, $20 for dinner per student.

Saturday night dinner will be group dinner at Thai restaurant near the college.

We use Masking Tape on the outside of the students doors in the hotel to make sure they don’t sneak out.

Breakfast is the continental breakfast at the hotel

Families not performing welcome to COME. It’s a wonderful festival

Mr F asks: PLEASE NO COMMENTS ABOUT OTHER PERFORMERS ANYWHERE IN PUBLIC. Be careful in bathrooms, restaurants etc.

14. Long helpful Discussion about Adult Content in Shows, Student and Parent comfort levels.

Mr F introduced a “ comfort level “ survey sheet which he is suggesting having students fill out which says whether or not they are comfortable performing certain kissing or sexually themed work.

Naomi suggested this should be done every semester, as they will change as they age through the four years dramatically

Laura Suggested the form should be anonymous, so the kids will feel comfortable using it, and won’t feel they will be considered less for parts if they indicate discomfort.

Mr F will compile a list of what will be expected in each role as far as adult content.

Dr Naomi says: Have a Female teacher or a Mom sign up to attend each rehearsal so that girls have an approachable adult female present (This is very important given the all male teaching staff.)

At least 8 Parents expressed discomfort at the adult content in ‘Nine: and disclosed stories about student discomfort in some past shows, including words and music. although the group fully understands the need to allow full artistic and educational value.

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