Bye Bye Birdie Cast List

Birdie Cast List:

Thanks for your patience. If we had a bigger theatre we would have taken you all, as this was the most talented group of auditioners that we can remember. It was crazy difficult for the casting panel to decide. Remember there are other opportunities during the year to act, sing, and dance.

Call time tomorrow is at 10:00am and we will go to 3:00pm. Swing players should come at 9:30 and we will further explain your roles. REMEMBER, ABSOLUTELY NO TALKING OUTSIDE OF THE PAC AS SAT WILL BE IN PROGRESS DURING THE MORNING!!!!!!!! SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!

Any questions we will handle tomorrow.


Albert Peterson Luca Catanzaro

Rose Alvarez Lucy London u/s Lily Alva

Kim MacAfee Michaela Cote u/s Ella Spargur

Conrad Birdie Luke Preute u/s Link Henderson

Harry MacAfee Marcus Arndt u/s Lewis Carrington

Doris MacAfee Lily Alva u/s Olivia Newbold

Mae Peterson Grace Steckler u/s Elizabeth Conte

Randolph MacAfee Kasey Hernadez u/s Nathan O’Halloran

Hugo Peabody Rennie Boyd u/s Gustavo Deleon

The Mayor Kai Kupper

Ensemble: (If your name has an * you are also a principal dancer in a number)

Bilbija, Kat

Begley, Riley

Carrington, Lewis*

Carrington, Harry

Cokinos, Dante

Conte, Elizabeth

Cooper, Maurice*

Davis, Heather*

Dawsari, Zaid*

Deleon, Gustavo

Dierkhising, Charles*

Gautier, Natalie

Geller, Nicole*

Gibbs, Julia

Henderson, Link*

Hodges, Haley

Hogan, Holly

Howard, Alexander*

Kupper, Kai

Kupper, Keoni

Lee, Zach*

Lam, Brian

Newbold, Olivia

Obermeier, Cortney*

Orthwein, Sabine*

Moniz, Grace

Reynolds, Skylar

Spargur, Ella*

Speckhart, Ella

Seligman-Tovar, Melina

Sutton, Sam*

Torgensen, Maya

Velyvis, Jennifer*

Wales, Chloe*

Zeng-Pederson, Andrea*

Swings: (The role of swings will vary, depending on the needs of the show, many will work transitions and crowd scenes, some will understudy dancers, and some may be given cameo roles. They need to come to all vocal rehearsals.)

Brumme, Lachlan

Nielsen, Powell

Moffett, Jack

Calder, Liam

Callaway, Jack

Hannan, Quinn

Storey, Sofia

Erickson, Sena

Lachica-Krieger, Sally

McPretl, Ula

Boyd, Tess

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