Callback list for roles (from Devin)

I will be sending you pictures from the script of what scenes you'll need to be familiar with if you got a call back for a character. Congrats to you all on your impressive work at auditions!!! I am INSANELY excited for this show!!!!!

PS Songs yes, memorized. You can read the scenes but be very familiar with them.


Wednesday 8/22 @ 1:00 - 4:00 (could extend longer for certain


All who auditioned please come for the first hour, to see heights,

types, energies, etc. to balance the ensemble. You will be done by

2:00 unless you are one of the following. There may be a few men who

will be asked to stay a little longer.

To sing and do scene work:

Kim MacAfee:

Michaela Cote

Ella Spargur

Julia Gibbs

Riley Begley

Prepare: ALL songs

Two scenes- 1 w/ Hugo & 1 w/ Doris

Mrs. Peterson:

Sabine Orthwein

Tess Boyd

Nicole Geller

Grace Steckler

Elizabeth Conte

Skylar Reynolds

Prepare: “A Mother Doesn’t Matter Anymore”

Be familiar with all scene work, but focus on her first scene and scene with Gloria and


Conrad Birdie:

Luke Preute

Alexander Howard

Link Henderson

Sam Sutton

Rennie Boyd

Dante Cokinos

Prepare: “Lot of Livin’ to Do” & “Honestly Sincere”

Scenes will include both from Act 2 (one with Albert and one with kids)

Mr. MacAfee:

Marcus Arndt

Charles Dierkhising

Lewis Carrington

Prepare: “Kids” & “Hymn For A Sunday Evening”

Scene with Kim & Mrs. MacAfee after “Lovely…” and scene with Hugo before “Kids”

Mrs. MacAfee:

Lily Alva

Grace Steckler

Holly Hogan

Prepare: “Kids” & “Hymn For A Sunday Evening”

Scene with Kim & Mrs. MacAfee after “Lovely…”

Gloria Rasputin:

Sabine Orthwein

Grace Steckler

Maya Torgensen

Prepare: Scene

Hugo Peabody:

Powell Neilsen

Gustavo Deleon

Charles Dierkhising

Rennie Boyd

Lachlan Brumme

Prepare: Scene with Kim before “One Boy” song and scene with Mr Macafee &


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