DREAM callbacks + conflicts

From Mr Franz:

Audition Norms

We want all students to feel supported in the audition process, while being mindful of time. For these reasons:

· Be on time and ready to perform

· Expect that most student performers will do a portion of their monologue. We’ll say “Thank-you” when it’s time to stop

· Know that the entire panel may not always be present for all performers. We will video all performers so the panelists can review what they missed.

· Best not to compare your audition process in any way to another's. We are all individuals. Some may require notes. Others may not. It's a growth process, not an indication of success or failure.

· To be considered for a role, every student must submit a signed (by parent and student) Conflict Form.

We hope to have the call back list for Wednesday out Tuesday by 7:00 pm. If you are not called back for a particular part, there is the possibility that you may be a supernatural.

Thank you for your interest in The Dream Project.

Conflict Form is in File Share: http://wix.to/q0AvA_s

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