FOOLS callbacks

• Leon Steponovitch Tolchinsky

o Jack Callaway

o Zach Lee

o Haroute Giragossian

Sophia Irena Elenya Zubritsky

o Riley Begley

o Sally LaChica Krieger

Gregor Mikhailovitch Breznofsky Fyodor Yousekevitch (referred to as "Count Gregor")

o Aakash Valdiva

o Haroute Giragossian o Diego Arguetta

Dr. Nikolai Zubritsky

o Felix Rae

Lenya Zubritsky

o Kat Bilbija

o Zoe Edwards o Ella Speckhart

Something Something Snetsky

o Taye Anand



o Rustin Barth

o Elijah Chandlee

• Slovitch & Yenchna(Sometimes spelled Yenchne)

o Riley Begley

o Tyler Anne Solum o Julia Gibbs

o Sofia Storey

o Tess Boyd

o Kat Bilbija

o Henry Greber

o Aakash Valdiva o Diego Arguetta

Conflict calendars may impact casting some of the above. Some may be asked to read for something they are not listed for above.

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