Mandatory Meeting song prep

Songs for MSA Theatre’s Mandatory Meeting – May 20th :

We are using the 16 bar cuts below to introduce MSA Theatre’s growing talent pool for next year (both incoming and returning students.) We are not pre- casting. We merely want to see what vehicle might best fit our student ensemble. These songs are meant to canvas possible talent and inspire our artistic staff to create a worthwhile project. This is NOT an audition per se. (The show we eventually select might not even be on this list.)

This process helps us to choose a rewarding production that provides opportunities, both challenging and fulfilling, for as many of you as possible. Let your voices be heard! By choosing a 16 bar cut and performing it to the best of your abilities, you can participate in our show selection process. Once a show is chosen, everyone will have the opportunity to audition for any part in August.

The presentations of each song must be completed on video and uploaded to Google Drive:

prior to May 18th for us to compile them to share in conjunction with our May Mandatory Meeting, Wednesday, May 20th.

This link also contains the sheet music and accompaniment for all of the songs listed.

Freshmen students may submit one selection. Sophomores may submit two selections, Juniors may submit three selections and Seniors may submit as many as you choose. Please film in 1080p. (Go into your cell phone’s settings, go to Camera and select 1080p 30 fps.)

Remember that the QUALITY of your performance is more important than the quantity you submit.

Please direct questions to Mr. Franz . Thank you! for your cooperation and participation.

DOLLY It Takes A Woman (Horace/Men) Put On Your Sunday Clothes (Cornelius/Barnaby/Ensemble) Ribbons Down My Back (Irene/Minnie) Before The Parade Passes By (Dolly - two different keys) It Only Takes A Moment (Cornelius/Men)

FRANKENSTEIN The Brain (Frankenstein/Men) Roll In The Hay (Inga) He Vas My Boyfriend (Frau/Women) Surprise (Elizabeth/Women)

DROWSY Show Off (Janet/Women) As We Stumble Along (Chaperone/Women) Cold Feets (Robert/Men) Adolpho (Adolpho/Men) Toledo Surprise (Men/Women - gangsters can be gender swapped)

INTO THE WOODS No More (Baker) Moments In The Woods (Baker’s Wife) On The Steps Of The Palace (Cinderella) Cinderella At The Grave (Cinderella) Giants In The Sky (Jack) Act I Opening Part 5 (Jack’s Mother) I Know Things Now (Little Red) No More (Mysterious Man) Agony (Princes) Ahhh (Rapunzel) Stay With Me (Witch) Last Midnight (Witch) Hello Little Girl (Wolf)

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