NINE Callbacks

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

From Mr Franz:

Thanks to all who auditioned. The list below are some possibilities that we’d like to explore. Be prepared to read as well. Scripts will be lent out on Wednesday morning. IMPORTANT: This is a list we will work with to help us find balance within the ensemble. If you are not on it, take heart, some students are already cast in a role or the ensemble. Learn at least 32 bars of the songs that are starred*

Guido Unusual Way Morgan Hunt

Luisa My Husband Makes Movies/Be On Your Own* Lily Bogas Holly Hogan Sally LaChica-Krieger Melina Tovar Seligman Maya Torgersen Chloe Wales

Claudia Very Unusual Way Riley Begley Lily Bogas Jen Velyvis Heather Davis Julia Gibbs Ula McPretl Grace Steckler Chloe Wales

Carla Call From The Vatican/Simple* Kasey Hernandez Ella Spargur Grace Steckler Jen Velyvis

Mama Magdalena Germans At the Spa (beginning section)

Kat Bilbija Olivia Newbold Sabine Orthwein Skylar Reynolds Maya Torgersen

Mother Nine (16 bar cut will suffice) Approach this song lightly, lovingly. It’s an acting exercise, not a full blown aria.

Tess Boyd Grace Steckler Holly Hogan Sofia Storey Olivia Newbold Riley Begley Ula McPretl Jen Velyvis Julia Gibbs

Lucien/Lucille LeSeur Folies B. Sabine Orthwein Sam Sutton Skylar Reynolds Zaid Dawsari Zach Lee

Stephen/Stephanie Necrophorous Patter Song Sabine Orthwein Kat Bilbija Zaid Dawsari Sam Sutton Zach Lee

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