Nine Production Fee Due

Dear families with students cast in  Nine:

As noted in the handbook, we are asking for a donation of $75 per student to help cover costumes and props for the show.  If this is a stretch for your family, please give whatever you're comfortable with and we'll check you off, no problem.   Please send cash or check made out to MSAF  in an envelope marked with your student's name by this Saturday, 9/21.  I'll be at most rehearsals between now and then as well as the Booster Meeting tomorrow evening and would be happy to collect your donation.

Please note that we will also be asking student's families to cover the cost of their own undergarments and shoes as required, which they get to keep after the show.  If we ask you to purchase any other costume pieces, you will either get reimbursed for them, or keep them after the show, whichever you prefer.

Many thanks for your support!


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