Parents: Join Spring Backstage & Costume Team

Want to develop new bonds with theatre parents, students, and staff? Want to gain a unique perspective on MSA theatre productions? Please consider joining our backstage and costume team as we gear up for the spring production. For the One Act, we had an amazing group of parents that were able to volunteer and help with everything from one-day organizing projects to on-going hand-stitch tasks to full-blown costume design and creation to serving as backstage mom for performances. Did you love the fairies' costumes and Puck's pants? Those were courtesy of Lingling Tang, Kathy Kingman, Amy Hogan, Sherri Welch, Nicola Kelly, Anjuli Valdivia, and Christina Silva. Backstage organizing and clean-up for the One Act round was thanks to Lingling, Minnie Wales, Tara Barth, Sherri, Christina, and myself. Personally, I really enjoyed connecting with these wonderful women and all the students who helped us complete a lot of these tasks. And we'd love to connect with more of you! Please reach out to Lingling or me if you would like to be part of the team for the spring play.

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