Richard Call backs (from Mr Franz)

Ultimately we will have a Richard Forum for those cast in the show, in the meantime we'll post updates here. You can find the Sides PDF in the Theatre Notes and Document section under parents


Here are the Richard III Call Backs. Please be prepared to do a good reading of each character that is indicated below. Call back date to be determined. Please prepare immediately. Sides have been published. If you are not called back, it does not mean that you won’t be in the play or involved in some way. Some other actors ­­not on this list­­ who read today will be cast.

Richard Gloucester Sam Sutton, Dante Cokinos, Lewis Carrington

Lady Anne Nicole Geller, Julia Gibbs, Chloe Wales

Buckingham Lewis Carrington, Lachlan Brumme, Rennie Boyd

Clarence Sam Sutton, Dante Cokinos, Rennie Boyd, Powell Nielsen

Tyrell Lachlan Brumme, Sam Sutton, Link Henderson

Elizabeth Nicole Geller, Sabine Orthwein, Holly Hogan, Julia Gibbs

Duchess of York Grace Steckler, Sabine Orthwein, Holly Hogan

Queen Margaret Tess Boyd, Sabine Orthwein, Holly Hogan

Murderers Link Henderson, Lachlan Brumme, Lewis Carrington, Gustavo DeLeon

Ratcliff Link Henderson, Rennie Boyd

Young Princes Liam Calder, Haroute Giragossian

Brackenbury Link Henderson, Rennie Boyd, Lachlan Brumme

Richmond Powell Nielsen

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