Richard III Auditions

Date will be announced as soon as the audition panel confirms. Most likely on Monday following our opening of Birdie.

Our next production will be a One Act (45 minute) version of Shakespeare's Richard III put together by students, staff, and guest artists for the Lenaea Festival February 1 -3 in Folsom, California. It will also be performed in Words and Music May 2 - 4 in the PAC and perhaps the Mother Lode Theatre Festival in April .  Students will participate in intensive rehearsals the second week of Winter Break for this project in addition to regular after school rehearsal times.  Students who would like to read for a part in Richard III, should read the full play, the reduced script, and memorize the appropriate monologue or scene in the sides that I have emailed to you.  Please let me know that you want to participate. 

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