Rita Moreno Timeline

I just finished watching the final rehearsals for the Rita Moreno cut of Bye Bye Birdie. It's SOOOO GOOD! Fabulous work by the students taking direction from new choreographer Talli on such a short timeline. Seriously - you will all be pleased with the product! I was so impressed, I felt a little teary.

And thanks so much to all those families who volunteered to drive last minute and turned in paperwork. Because the NUSD district office can't process the paperwork that quickly, we turned to Plan B and secured a bus to transport all but Luca there (good luck in your category audition, Luca!) We went over the schedule with students in rehearsal today and made a timeline. Snapshot of the student timeline below:

Parents - if you are driving down, feel free to come a little later. Performance starts at 7:30 with 2 acts. Also, don't forget to buy your own tickets to the show at this link. Timeline continues below:

Last note - we are one of 6 schools invited to perform based on our original fabulous performances. We should all be so proud! This 7 minute cut with half the performances is a seriously big accomplishment and I won't be surprised one little bit if we win. Fingers crossed and kudos both to the original cast and artistic team AND to the current cast and artistic team. Love you all! - Michelle

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