Sewing 101 Class This Saturday 10:00 am - 12:00 noon in the PAC

For students and parents interested in helping with costumes.. This will be a very basic skills class, hand sewing only. More experienced sewers are also very welcome as I would love to have your help for demonstrations. Proposed agenda is:

1. Costume Preparation, Maintenance and Repair

a. Costume labeling

b. Label, needle, thread selection

c. How to thread a needle

d. How to sew on a costume label

2. Buttons and fasteners

a. How to select the correct fastener (button, snap, hook and eye, Velcro)

b. How to sew on a button with and without shank, different fabric thickness, tying knots c. How to sew on a snap, hook and eye, Velcro

3. How to repair a costume tear

a. Seam tear

b. Fabric tear

4. How to sew a blind hem

a. Basic ironing technique

b. Whip stitch

5. How to embellish a costume

a. Braid or trim selection

b. Sewing techniques for attaching trim

Please let me know if you plan to attend, so I have a rough idea of how many people to expect. You can email me directly at or text to 408-802-6390.

Thank you!

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