Small Mouth Sounds Tech Meals

Namaste! I'm sure you've heard that Tech Rehearsals start THIS FRIDAY!

I have created a SignUp and added the first few tech meals /snacks to get us started, please take a deeeeeep breath and sign up to either bring food, serve food or donate $$ so we can buy food for the cast & crew. Hoooooold it, stretch, and check back in a couple of days (once I have time to add the rest of the meal spots) and sign up for more! Remember, we have students with food allergies, sensitivities, restrictions and intolerances (gluten-free) as well as vegetarians and vegans. After all this is a yoga retreat, right? ;) Please label your homemade dishes so we know what's in them, in addition to the love of the chef, of course...Namaste! Here's the link:

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