Special NINE announcement from Mr Franz


As many of you know, our ensemble has been hit with a number of bad cases of the flu. Many rehearsals have been missed by important members -- both cast and crew. In all cases we have held space for them. With only one more rehearsal until opening night, we are now bound by the limited time. We cannot have a rehearsal Thursday, as our cast and crew have been working hard for long days during the tech period. They all deserve and need a day off. I have consulted Ms. Cortez, the artistic team and our cast and we have agreed to the following plan. We want to do what is best for all in a difficult situation

We will freeze the show tomorrow for this coming weekend with those present at both school and in rehearsal. We will set big numbers accordingly i.e. Opening, Germans, Folies, etc. during classes and before the run which begins at 3:45. If someone is sick tomorrow, it’s best for them to stay home and really get the rest and recuperation they need. We will have a catch-up rehearsal the following Thursday to put them back in the show where they belong. This is in no way a punishment. It’s a practicality for everyone involved. We are trying to support all. Thank you all for your contributions to this collaboration


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