Steps for Driving/Chaperoning

1. Driving record. The easiest way to do this is online through the DMV, but you need a registered account (free). It costs $2 ($3?) with a credit card to request a driving record on your driver’s license, and you can print it immediately. You need this for step 2.

2. Drivers authorization. The second sheet lists everything you need copies of, you fill out the first page. Insurance, license, record, form. Bring that stack to the NHS office, there’s a person in the back left corner who collects such things but I can’t remember her name. This has to be done every year. Download here 3. TB Test. You gotta do this on your own dime at your doctor’s office. You should be able to schedule a nurse’s visit, then schedule the read for 48 hours later. The two appointments must be timed right, and if you miss your window you have to start over. They should give you a letter at the second visit that states the results. The results are good for 3 years. 4. Live Scan, aka fingerprinting. The easiest way to do this is at the UPS office on 7th in Novato, by the DMV and down the street from the NUSD office. They also do it at the Marin Sheriff’s office for less money but it’s a haul down to San Rafael. UPS charges around $70. This also lasts 3 years. Print/fill out/bring the second page in Chaperone packet, then the results will be sent directly to the NUSD office. 5. Forms to NUSD. The first two pages are all you need, the rest is just information they need everyone to have. It’s helpful to go to UPS in Novato for step 4, if you time it right you can drop everything off after and be done. Fill out the first page in the packet, bring the TB letter and receipt from UPS, along with copies of your DL + passport or SS card, drop to Lillian Rincon on the first floor. You will get an email when you are cleared for chaperoning. 

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