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What is the MSA Showcase in Place? As you know, this year our MSA Showcase, along with so many other events, had been cancelled due to Covid-19. But as they say in Show Biz: the SHOW MUST GO ON! So in that great spirit, we have created the MSA Showcase in Place. It is a virtual version of the Showcase, and will premiere online on Saturday 5/9 at 7:30pm. It won’t be the same as our traditional Showcase, but it will still be a celebration of all things MSA — the school, the community, the art, our heart — and YOU!

So: If you would like to be a part of this year’s MSA Showcase in Place, there are a few simple things you can do to get involved. Instructions are below — but if you have any questions, contact your teacher or reach out directly to Mr. Chidel at We’d love you to be part of it — so come join, won’t you?

How do I get involved? You may do any or all of the following:

1) Record an INTRO VIDEO (per instructions).

2) Create a PERSONAL VIDEO of yourself at home, showcasing your creativity in whatever way you feel fit. How have you been creative during our homebound lockdown? Let’s see it! Strut your stuff. Creative collaborations encouraged!

3) Be a part of a new MSA REMOTE COLLABORATION: This is a unique creative endeavor where you will be directed to record a few specific things on Zoom. Details to come later — but now is the time to sign up if you are intrigued. (Trust us. This one is dope. Or fire. Or gas. Or whatever it is people say now!) Your own MSA department might have additional things in store, so check with your teacher to see if there is something else you could do as well.

So What Do I Do Now?

Register. Complete this Google Form: jPgUnnfxWmHxAplhOeFg/viewform?usp=pp_url

Make your Video. Refer to the ShowcaseVideoProductions.pdf. This will include instructions as to what we are looking for in the Intro Video, as well as easy technical tips to help you to shoot your video well.

Submit Your Video. When done with your video, upload it at here: Looking forward to showcasing your talents!

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