Updated DREAM cast list

From Mr Franz: Here is the casting update for DREAM. Sorry for the delay. It was hard to coordinate the casting panel and I had to go into emergency surgery for a dental problem. So many great candidates. Thanks again to all who auditioned.

Lines should be memorized ASAP. Please try to finish over the break. Mechanicals who are not cast--please learn Snout, Snug, Flute, and Starveling so we can have fun playing with them. Supernaturals have the opening scene down pat.


PUCK Chloe Wales u/s Gabby Winnett

OBERON Morgan Hunt u/s Clark Schutz

TITANIA Holly Hogan u/s Tess Boyd


HELENA Sabine Orthwein u/s Zoe Edwards

LYSANDER Haroute Giragossian

HERMIA Melina Tovar Seligman u/s Julia Gibbs

QUINCE Jack Callaway

BOTTOM Sam Sutton u/s Felix Rae

MECHANICALS (These parts will be determined through the rehearsal process.)

Nathan O’Halloran

Rustin Barth

Henry Greber

Felix Rae


Olive Baecker

Liam Calder

Neil Canedo

Zoe Edwards

Kasey Hernandez

Sally Krieger

Brian Lam

Scarlett Lemieux

Brynn Lowell

Tatyanna Maia

Noah Silva

Sofia Storey

Andrea Zeng-Pedersen

Aakash Valdiva

Katherine Woo

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