Website changes

Hey all! I'm writing partly to see if this triggers notifications, it seems Ms Cortez' post last night did not. [In case you missed it, there is no NINE rehearsal today, but Book Passage participants should still plan on rehearsing tomorrow after school.]

Please note the menu up top has changed, we are trying to streamline the site to make it easier to navigate. I have replaced the old Documents page with a new feature called File Share -- everyone can upload documents into folders available for download. Take a look and let me know if there are issues or changes needed, it's a work in progress but I think it's going to make sharing things like permission slips much easier.

Also, please note that the Wix app does not include all features, so if you are looking for calendar items, photos, documents and forms, you must visit the website. The Wix app is really only useful to follow the News & Discussion blog. We are retiring the Parents Forum, so please take all your comments and questions to the N&D blog. When you create a new post, you can attach categories to it with the 3-dot button next to publish. That will make it easier for folks to find later. Thanks!

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