Workshops with Tripp Hanson

Tripp Hanson has opened a studio at NHS in the PAC Green Room, on Thursday afternoons, to teach 2 students simultaneously for one half hour increments. The cost is $120, prepaid, for a series of 4 consecutive weekly lessons. No refunds for missed sessions. Spaces are limited to 10.

Tripp will also offer coaching for our classes as a whole, covered (by our guest artist budget), but the individual attention in a class of over twenty will be severely limited.

So far the Thursday sessions have been very successful. We are trying to extend this opportunity to more students and are considering Tuesdays as another option. If you would like to participate in the Tuesday option, please send me an email asap. It is first come first serve.

We are not trying to take students away from other established voice teachers. We are keeping the cost down to accommodate those using both resources.

Requests to participate should be emailed to

Thank you!

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